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Sources to Check if You're Going to Write an Academic Research Paper

A research paper is not complete without the use of credible sources. Unfortunately, many persons do not realize that credible sources cannot just be any source. We often make the mistake of combing the Internet and choosing a lot of opinion based articles from persons who have no experience and are not qualified to speak from an informed standpoint. Here is a list of sources that you can consult to give credibility to your research paper.

The Library. This has to be number one our list. With the age of technology around, we often give up the value of the library and get on the Internet to search for information. The physical library in your communities and at your university still remains the place that has quality resources at your disposal. Make the trip, open a book and you will be surprised at the value you find on the bookshelves.

Past Papers. If you are writing a research paper, the best place to start is your professor’s office, poring over past researches and getting the hang of what you’re being asked to do. By examining them you can extract previous ideas to help assist you.

Digital Libraries. There are many digital libraries to make use of if you are too busy- and sometimes too lazy to find a physical library. Most of these require a subscription and may limit you in how many resources you can access at a time. Often they collaborate with your universities which will give you free access so ask your librarian.

Encyclopedias. This traditional means of getting information is still very relevant today. It is available both in print and digital form.

Newspaper articles. Newspapers and magazines are a good way to keep up with what is happening around us. When using these sources, it is better to keep to the more formal and reputable newspapers.

When you just started your research, you may have been puzzled at where to find the best sources. Here you are given a list of suggestions that you can use. Remember, a good research paper requires good authoritative sources.

Proofreading papers.

A student should also learn to find mistakes and various weak spots in their own texts. To do this, they should revise their papers and pay close attention to each paragraph and sentence. The process of proofreading often involves not only correcting errors but also rewriting some parts of the text to make them more reader-friendly.

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