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Writing Solutions: A Research Paper Rubric For 7th Grade Students

Giving a rubric to an essay is probably the hardest thing that a student comes across in 7th grade. After you have hunted down a topic, done all the research and actually written the whole research paper you can very well get stuck with the title. Many students neglect the importance of titles because they are either lazy or think that it does not really matter.

Importance of a title

The rubric is the first thing the teacher will notice about your paper. It may very well determine the reaction and eventual outcome of the assessment. So if you want to get a good grade and impress your teacher it is very important to give the right heading to your research paper. You know as they say, first impression is the last impression. So while a good title will make the teacher appreciate your creativity the wrong title will get you dislikes and poor grades.

Here are some solutions that will help you write a good rubric:

Proofreading papers.

A student should also learn to find mistakes and various weak spots in their own texts. To do this, they should revise their papers and pay close attention to each paragraph and sentence. The process of proofreading often involves not only correcting errors but also rewriting some parts of the text to make them more reader-friendly.

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